"Thank you so much for your time yesterday, honestly it was invaluable as always and we've already seen huge changes"

"The class last week was amazing!
We thoroughly enjoyed learning about pack leadership and getting into the mind of Zola.
I thought I knew about puppy training but it turns out I was very much mistaken!!"

"Loving your classes, style and your energy!"
Billy, Adam & Chris

"We absolutely loved the class"

"Thank you Sindy for your wisdom.  You've quite simply changed our life.
We were seriously regretting getting a puppy but after one evening with you our experience has been transformed.
We are very grateful.  Thank you so much, your tools are a game changer".
"You have empowered and brought us hope.  Bless your heart"

"She is the best puppy and dog trainer.  Sindy can identify the behavioural issues and provide solutions.
I love and enjoy my dog every day becoz of Sindy's training.  Simply the best!"

"Sindy can do miracles!
"We will be forever grateful for Sindy's expert advice, patience and follow-up care.  We couldn't recommend her more"

“If you find yourself in need of canine understanding I sincerely recommend Sindy and her people training/dog training methods”

“I think we had the best puppy trainer ever”

“I would like to say that the first session has already made a huge impact, not only on Kippa's behaviour, but also on our behaviour and stress level.
Our approach to him wasn't working and as soon as we got home we tried your strategies... AMAZING”
Dom & Ian

“Thanks for last nights encyclopedic information session! And thank you for such a great course.
Jill and I have owned dogs before but not at the puppy stage so your course was invaluable”
 Keir & Jill

“We would like to thank you for the fantastic training classes, which have made it a pleasure to have our little bundle around”

“WOW we were so impressed with your session on Monday night and already, by putting into practice your comments, suggestions and advice,
we've noticed a huge improvement in Shadow… YAY and it's only been week one!!!”

“Thanks so much for everything – your training was fantastic and has been a huge help in avoiding potential problems”

“Thank you so much for the recommendations & general dog info, it already has become a huge help!!
Within the week we have seen amazing results with Cody - the way he responds to commands, his interaction with people, and his general behaviour has improved so much”

“Thank you heaps for the valuable lessons! Really enjoyed pup school!”

“We are so happy that we found your puppy training”

“It was great meeting with you, you are a true dog whisperer”

“I was so proud the other day when we were at the farm and he took off towards the cows, all I did was yell "Oscar come"
and he almost skidded to a stop and immediately came straight back to me!”

“I cannot tell you how enjoyable it is when u have a well trained dog! I would recommend you to everyone I know that has a dog.  Its been fantastic!!”

“I started training with Frankie with the techniques I learnt as soon as we got home last Tuesday night, with fantastic results. They really work!!!!

“Thank you for showing me that Riley is trainable. You do an amazing job”